Loans to professional groups – what and where professions are best now


 As is well known in the group it can be brighter. And the best are those who can benefit from the fact of participating in a given community. It is no different in the case of selected professional groups, whose members can count on a better credit offer. What? Let’s check it! We invite you to read.

In the group … cheaper!

In the group ... cheaper!

SumMoney decided to analyze the offer of banks operating on the Polish market and currently providing loan offers for selected professional groups. We have determined that loans of this type are granted, among others the following banks:

  • Dulcera Bank PBC
  • Credithera Bank
  • CreditCole
  • Myoer Bank onLINE.

In addition, as part of the loan offers, representatives of the so-called liberal professions can count above all on the following benefits:

  • simplified documentation of income
  • lower loan price
  • faster process of granting credit decision.
  • What benefits can freelancers count on …

The most interesting issue that can always give rise to the appearance of blushes are discounts or other preferences that the “chosen ones” can use. Let’s see how it looks with loans for professional groups:

  • in the case of Dulcera Bank PBC, all you need to submit a loan application is an ID card and a diploma or other document confirming the profession lawyer, accountant, architect, veterinarian or teacher,
  • At Credithera Bank, representatives of selected professional groups present only documents confirming their profession in order to document their income. Lawyers, legal advisors, judges, prosecutors, doctors, veterinarians and tax advisors can obtain a loan of up to PLN 25,000 on this basis, and teachers, policemen, customs officers, general and local government employees – up to PLN 15,000. In turn, farmers receiving subsidies from the European Union at the level of at least PLN 10,000, on the basis of confirmation of receiving subsidies from the EU in the form of an ARMA decision or a bank account statement with the inflow of an additional payment, may receive a loan of up to PLN 15,000,
  • at CreditCole, representatives of specific professional groups (including lawyers, architects, chartered accountants, surveyors, doctors and judges) can obtain a cash loan with an interest rate reduced by 2% compared to the standard offer,
  • Myoer Bank has an offer for the most numerous group of recipients. There are several or several “subcategories” in each customer category (for example, there are 17 in the “Education and education” category, and 25 in the “Administration and offices” category, including … Telecommunications). Clients belonging to these groups can count not only on lower interest rates, but also on receiving a free personal account, obtaining a grace period for repayment of the loan lasting up to 12 months, the possibility of receiving a loan without additional collateral up to 10 times of net income, and even the possibility of negotiation amount of commission for granting the loan!

… and what professionals CANNOT count on

... and what professionals CANNOT count on

Everyone interested in taking advantage of the loan offer for representatives of selected professional groups should also know that:

  • offers signed as special and exceptional – intended only for professionals, usually do not differ from standard proposals – in terms of the maximum loan period over which the repayment can be spread or the amount that can be borrowed from the bank,
  • with a few exceptions, the price of such loans is also standard and, in extreme cases, maybe even 18% (in Myoer Bank) …

Freelancers have better credit terms!

Freelancers have better credit terms!

The best loan conditions, i.e. simplified income documentation, and sometimes also low prices and other benefits – these are the issues that may encourage freelancers (and not only) to choose this special loan offer. Does it still require additional argumentation that the professionals have simply better? It is a pity that such favorable credit terms ordinary bread eaters are available either sporadically or not at all …

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