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Have you already heard about the free first loan option? If not, be sure to read the details of these types of offers and see when you can apply for the first loan for free. The first free loan can be taken for 30, 60 or even 90 days. Check what offers the SumMoney experts have chosen for you.

What is the first loan for free?

What is the first loan for free?

The free first loan is a special offer of an increasing number of non-bank companies that grant short-term loans, the so-called payday loan. So what does the slogan “First loan for free” mean to the average Kowalski? It’s easy. If you apply for a specific amount for the first time (e.g. PLN 1000) and you do not exceed the loan repayment deadline, you pay back as much as you borrowed – in this case PLN 1,000. The first free loan is to encourage you to use the services of the company again.


The basis for the ‘first loan for free’ offers is the repayment period. Only then the APRC, i.e. the Annual Annual Interest Rate of your loan, is 0%.

First loan for free and for a month

First loan for free and for a month

The first free loan is usually a monthly offer. What does this mean in practice? You must pay your liabilities within 30 days of the date they were incurred. Wondering why just 30 days? Payday loans are quick loans for smaller amounts, provided after presenting your ID card or based on a signed loan agreement.

A minimum of formalities and a lack of stringent requirements for clients mean that the loan company, when providing financing, undertakes considerable risk. Hence, among others securing the first loan for free with a shorter repayment date.

How do you choose your first free loan for 30 days?

How do you choose your first free loan for 30 days?

If you have decided on the first free loan option, check exactly which offer is the best for you. How to do it? Go to the SumMoney website and use the payday compare tool. This tool will allow you to easily put together even several dozen loans available on the market.

5 rules for clever comparison of payday loans on the internet:

5 rules for clever comparison of payday loans on the internet:

A trustworthy site

Entrust your finances to specialists! Always check information sources and do not use unknown or accidental loan comparators. Their quality may be very low.

Determining the actual loan amount

Never take money excessively. Decide what amount you need and apply for it. Remember that the smaller the liability, the easier it will be repaid.

Determining the loan repayment period

Keep an eye on your dates! Don’t apply for a monthly loan if you know you can’t pay it back in 30 days. Overestimating your options may expose you to additional costs, e.g. contractual penalties.

“First free loan” option

Are you applying for your first loan? Remember that it can be free. Check if your calculator has the option to choose the first loan for free.

“Without verification in BIK” option

As with the first free loan, comparison websites can also search for offers without BIK. This is an important option if you know that your credit history is not positive.

Free first loan – check offers

Free first loan - check offers

Suppose you are applying for PLN 1,000. You would like to use the first loan option for free, and you would prefer that the loan company does not verify your data in BIK, i.e. the Credit Information Bureau.

First loan for free for 60 days

First loan for free for 60 days

We checked the best short-term financing with the option of a free first loan. However, what if you need money for a longer period, e.g. two months? Here the matter is more complicated, but of course not without a solution.

You can decide on a loan, the cost of which will be only… PLN 29! Although this is not a completely free first loan, but assuming that you will have two months to settle your liability, it is worth covering the additional cost.

We have prepared another statement for you. This time the cheapest offers for two-month loans, also without verification in BIK.

Free loan – summary of the SumMoney expert:

The first loan for free is a fact. If we choose this form of financial support and familiarize ourselves with the terms of the loan agreement, and be careful not to exceed the repayment date, we will give back only as much as we borrowed.

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