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admin / August 13, 2019

The number of loan offers on our market is so large that without advanced financial knowledge it is very difficult to make the right choice. Difficulties are related not only to making the final decision, but above all to understanding how attractive the loan is, what exactly the terms of the loan agreement mean to us, what is the cheapest…

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Cost of credit – how to calculate the total cost of credit?

We pay the money borrowed to the bank or loan company. Contrary to appearances, interest does not have to play a major role. Equally important, and sometimes even more important, are the fees and commissions that make up the total cost of the loan.   A bank, credit unions or a loan company providing money for us for a certain period of…

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First loan for free – discover the best free loans

Have you already heard about the free first loan option? If not, be sure to read the details of these types of offers and see when you can apply for the first loan for free. The first free loan can be taken for 30, 60 or even 90 days. Check what offers the SumMoney experts have chosen for you. What…

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350,000 loan for 35 years – compare the best offers

High amount and long repayment period – these are the main features of most mortgage loans taken by individual clients. Such an obligation is usually intended for the purchase and renovation of an apartment or building a house. The loan is secured by a mortgage entered in the land and mortgage register, giving the bank the priority right to satisfy itself from…

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Mortgage loans – Housing – Interest rate

    Mortgages are offered by several universal banks and several specialized mortgage banks. Usually, such liabilities are incurred for several or several dozen years, and the loan amount is calculated in hundreds of thousands of zlotys. A specific feature of mortgages is the collateral required from the borrower – a mortgage entered in the land and mortgage register of…

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